Wednesday, November 16, 2016

What kind of Cheese are you? (Imaginiff)

If you were a bridge, which bridge would you be?  Maybe London Bridge, where it's always falling down.  Or perhaps you're The Golden Gate, sturdy despite all the earthquakes.  You might even be Sydney bridge, noted for the culture you bring as you lead people to the Opera House.  What about your closest friend, or the friend you last spoke to?  And what would they say?  Just Imagine If...

GAME DESCRIPTION: Imaginiff is a board game for 3 to 8 players, and was published by Buffalo Games Inc.  Players are asked what kind of silly, specific thing one of their friends are.  For this review, I'll be talking about the 10th anniversary edition.

SET-UP: Each player takes a  colored piece, and places it on the space in the outer ring of the inner swirled circle. Players also get the 6 numbered cards matching their color.  The object of the game is to reach the inside of the circle. The outer ring contains the numbers 1 through 8.  First, write in all players names in the outer ring, so each name gets its own number.  Then, write in any mutual friends or acquaintances you may have in any remaining spots.  Place the grey question mark pawn on the outer ring at 1.

TURNS:  Each player rolls the die, and moves the grey pawn either direction equal to the number rolled.  Then, the player draws a card and says "Imagine if" and the persons name the pawn landed on, and proceeds to read the rest of the card, and it is placed where every player can see it.  Then, every player will pick a number from their cards that correspondences to what they believe is the most accurate choice, and lay it face down.

CHALLENGE: Sometimes Challenge cards may come up in the deck.  In this case, the player does not roll, but just reads the card.  This card instead applies to all people in the outer ring, and players pick the number that matches the person written down that most closely fits the card.

MOVEMENT:  Once each player has made a decision, flip the cards face-up.  All players who have picked the most popular answer(s) move 1 space, with the player who read the question this turn moving 2 spaces if they chose the popular answer.  If a player

CONCLUSION: Imaginiff is kinda like Buzzfeed quiz: the game.  This game is a lot of fun, and can make for a pretty good icebreaker.  I would suggest either playing with all 8 players, or actually have all players know all people written down who aren't there.  Still, this game can be hilarious if played with the right group, and makes for a nice casual game for a game night, or for a longer game between sessions of large box games.  It's also pretty great for days you might spend with your extended family, and see just how well you know them.

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