Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Cards or Dice? Why Choose? (Combo King)

1, 2, 3, it's winner take all!  Energy is high, the risk is low, and the dice run wild here in our little casino.  Yahtzee has nothing on this!  So take the dice, play the cards, and see who has the right to claim the crown tonight and become the Combo King!

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GAME DESCRIPTION:  Combo King is a game for 2-4 players published by Gamewright.  The object is to play a card, and roll the dice to match the requirement on the card.

SET-UP:  Each player is given 1 chip, and is dealt of hand of Combo cards.  Each player then rolls 1 die, with the first player being the player that rolled highest.

TURNS:  Each turn, a player plays a Combo card from their hand.  The top and bottom squares on the green felt background determine the rules to be played.  The bottom left shows a hand, with various fingers held up, or a "U".  This determines how many rolls you get to attempt to fulfill the card, with the "U" indicating the player or players roll until the card is completed.  The bottom right contains either a red, green, or black circle.  A green circle indicates that you can "save" dice, or put the off to the side during your next roll for the card.  Red and black indicate you cannot.  The top left determines how many players are involved, with 1 being only the player who played the card.

CHIPS:  At either the beginning or end of your turn, you may pay chips to apply an effect, located on the Chip Chart cards:

  • 1 Chip: Take another roll.  This can be used as long as you pay.
  • 3 Chips: Take another turn.  You can attempt the card you just played, or attempt a new one.
  • 5 Chips: You can either force your opponent to draw a card, or trade an opponent a card with one of their choice.
  • 7 Chips: Trade a card from your hand with one from the discard pile.
  • 9 Chips: Discard any card from your hand
SUCCESS:  If you succeed in fulfilling the cards requirements, you discard the card.  Then, you are given an amount of chips indicated at the top of the card.  However, if you fail a card twice, then on the next turn you can discard it and draw a new card as your turn.  The winner is any player who manages to discard their entire hand.

CONCLUSION:  Combo King is a dice and card game, pure and simple.  The game is focused on luck and RNG.  Still, it's a great game for all involved.  Kids can learn counting, math skills, and logic just by playing without the chips, and adults can learn simple strategy by learning when to spend chips, and when to bail on a card.  It's simple, quick, and enjoyable for those looking for a low-stress game, or as a wind down for game nights.

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