Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The Answers are There (Oddly Obvious)

The clue: Musical leg.  Your eyes scan the card, trying to make sense of it, match anything to it, even in the most ridiculous fashion.  Then, the person to your right answers Drumstick, and they get the point.  You can't believe you missed it, it was Oddly Obvious.

GAME DESCRIPTION:  Oddly Obvious is a party game published by Endless Games for 3 to 10 players.  The object is to guess the most correct answers off the cards from the word-play and puns given.

SET-UP: 1 person places a card into the clip so that the questions, classified as Side A and Side B are hidden, but the large printed words are facing everyone else.

PLAYING: The person reads the first clue of side A or B, and everyone has 1 chance to guess the correct answer.  The first person to guess correctly gets 1 point, depicted in the form of a colored token.  The catch is that the answer will always be one of the large print words displayed on the front.

WINNING:  The winner of the round is determined by which person has the most tokens once all clues one 1 side have been read and resolved.  In the case of a tie, the tied people attempt to solve 1 more clue read on the other side. In either case, the person who wins gets the card, and a new card is set-up.  Once 1 person gets 5 cards, they win.  If you feel obliged, the winner then reads the cards for the next game.

CONCLUSION:  This is a simple game, quick and easy to understand.  First off, this game is entirely about reading, so anyone with dyslexia or that just has a hard reading English should be given notice.  Next, this is a loud game, with no turns and no real control of volume, so the current person reading the card should be listening carefully, as many games tend to have 2 people answer in near unison.  But, despite all that, I would definitely check this game out.  It's quick, the rules are malleable enough to allow for shorter or longer games, and it gave me a new appreciation for word play.  Since this game in no longer being published, it may be a little harder to obtain a copy.  But, if you can get it online or at a thrift store, it's definitely worth it.

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