Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Magicka Explod'um! (Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards)

You say you're ready for a Resolution?!  Prove it!  Dodge the flaming boulders of death, party with the Devil and the Djinn, and claim the ultimate power at Mt. Skullzfyre, the most metal, mystic, maniac mountain in the universe!  All you have to do is beat the other wizards to it.  Do I hear the start of some Epic Spell Wars?

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GAME DESCRIPTION:  Epic Spell Wars of the Battle Wizards is a card game published by Cryptozoic for 2-6 players.  Each turn, players attempt to eliminate other players by creating Spells by combing cards in their hand.  The goal is to always be the last wizards standing.

SET-UP:  Each player is given a Wizard card and a Skull Token to mark Health.  Each Wizard starts with 20 life, but has a maximum life of 25.  Each player starts with 8 Spell Cards, and draws up to 8 at the start of each turn.

SPELLS:  Each Spell Card are either a (S) Source, (Q) Quality, or (D) Delivery, located on the bottom right of each card. Each spell may contain 1, 2, or 3 cards, and any combination of Source, Quality, or Delivery.  However, Source cards must come before Quality and Delivery cards, Delivery must come after Source and Quality cards, and Quality cards come after Source and before Delivery.  In any "illegal" spells, or spells that break this rule, discard cards from the spell until it's legal.

INITIATIVE:  Players may play the spell from their hand or reveal them face-down, for simplicity and honesty.  Then, players declare their Initiative, located on the Delivery card on the right.  If a player has Impatient as a Quality, then they go before all players.  If a player has no Delivery, or a Wild Magic, then they have an Initiative of 0.  In the case of a tie, roll to determine who casts first.

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CASTING:  Once Initiative is determined, the spells are cast.  First, all Wild Magic is resolved by drawing from the deck until you gain a card that fits the card that replaces it (in 1 or 2 spell cards, name what it is replacing before you draw). Apply the effects left to right, or Source, Quality, and Delivery.

POWER ROLLS:  Some cards require you to roll and match a specific number, called Power Rolls. Roll the amount of dice as Glyphs that match the card required, which are located in the bottom left.

TREASURE:  Treasures are special cards that are only gained through specific Spell Cards.  Apply their effect accordingly. At the end of the round, once all but 1 wizard or all wizards are dead , discard all Treasures.

LAST WIZARD STANDING:  If a players HP goes to 0, discard all your cards, and draw a Dead Wizard card, and apply the effect at the end of the turn (if it states to apply it at the start of the next game, apply it then).  At the start of each turn, each dead wizard draw a new card.  Once all but 1 wizard dies, the round is over, and they gain a Last Wizard Standing token.  Once a player gets 2 Last Wizard Standing tokens, they win the game.

CONCLUSION:  Epic Spell Wars is Metal, Chaotic, and Awesome!  It fully embraces the random nature of card games and ridiculousness of modern magic and spells.  This is not, however, a game for the whole family, at least in my eyes. The language and swearing involved might make one uncomfortable if playing with children.  Still, this is a game with solid mechanics, a powerfully consistent theme, and over the top names and powers.

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