Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Luck Be a Lady Tonight (Rollers)

We see the players coming here, a piece of paradise.  Welcome, everyone to the years championship as we play down from 4, to a champion.  Ladies and Gentlemen, this is Rollers.

BACKGROUND:  Rollers is a dice game published by USAoploy for 2 to 5 players.  Rollers exclusive to Target.  Players attempt to make combinations of rolls to score points.

GAMEPLAY:  Each player is given a board and and 5 white and purple coins.  During a players turn, they roll all dice up to three times, and may not roll any dice they wish to keep.  If a player rolls a lightning bolt, they cannot keep any dice rolled, but all dice previously kept are set.  Any stars rolled are wild.

BOARD:  Each board has an Open and Closed section in the middle and bottom, respectively.  Once a matching combination is made, they may put a marker in the board  In order to "close", or put a marker in a closed slot, there must be a marker placed in the open slot.  If at any point a player has a section closed, they get coins equal to those numbers from all players who do not have that number closed.

WINNING:  Once a player closes all sections on their board, the round has ended.  The player who closed gets 2 points, with points indicated on the top of the board.  The player with the most coins gets 1 point.  Players reset the bottom and middle of the boards, and start again.  The player to hit 5 points first wins.  If multiple players hit 5 points, the player with the highest coin value wins.

CONCLUSION:  Rollers is a game of mostly chance, just like most dice game.  There is a small bit of strategy of when to keep and when to roll, but it tends to be a push your luck game.  It would find a home for people who love Yahtzee style games.

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