Friday, February 16, 2018

A Day Late and a Dollar Short (Cover Your Assets)

Easy Larry here down at the EXPO OF AWESOME STUFF!  We got Cars, we got Homes, We got Mattresses stuffed with cash that we don't know how it got there!  So come on down, supplies are limited.  We're practically giving this stuff away!

BACKGROUND:  Cover Your Assets, alternatively known as Big Deal, is a card game published by Grandpa Beck's Games for 2 to 5 players.  Players build stacks of cards to gather as much money in assets as possible.

GAMEPLAY:  Each player is dealt a hand of cards, varying on the amount of players.  Each turn, a player must either stack a pair of matching cards in their hand, or a matching card from the discard pile and in their hand, in front of them on top of their asset pile, or discard a card or attempt to steal.  Players will then draw back up to their hand size after playing or after a steal attempt.  Gold and Silver are wild cards, and can match anything except other wilds.

STEAL:  If another player has a group of assets a card another player has in their hand, the player may attempt a steal.  The player places the card down, and the defending player must either play the matching card or a wild.  If either player cannot, the stack and cards used in the steal attempt go to the winning player on top. 

WINNING:  Once all cards are drawn and played or discarded, players add the face value of the cards together.  Players mark their scores until at least one player hits or passes $1,000,000, with the player with the highest score winning.

CONCLUSION:  CYA is an easy to learn, luck driven game with little strategy.  You definitely won't have long sessions of deep thought about this game, but that doesn't mean it doesn't have its place in a game night.  This is a breather, in between, game that due to its luck based system, means that games of CYA won't stick around too long in peoples minds.  It's a game that is right down the middle, not great, but still worth playing a few rounds in for a more relaxing session.

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