Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Exterminate! Exterminate! (Dalek Dice)

The Doctor steps out of the TARDIS, a smile on his face.  "This, my little friends," he says, holding up an ordinary looking teapot.  "is a teapot.  BUT!  This is a teapot from tomorrow, taken from this place, and this cup is from yesterday."  The Daleks lights start flickering, realizing what this means.  The Doctor has stopped them in the past, present and future.   The Doctor pans to the camera, "And this is Dalek Dice."

BACKGROUND:  Dalek Dice was published in 2016 by Cubicle 7 Entertainment for 2 or more players.  You and your friends are Daleks, wanting to exterminate the humans before the Doctor shows up.

GAMEPLAY:  Each turn, a player rolls all the dice.  They must take 1 and only 1 TARDIS and EXTERMINATE (indicated by the lack of number), and at least 1 Human or Dalek die.  Each of the numbered die represents that many units.  Then players roll until they wish to stop or cannot roll anymore.

SPECIAL:  If 3 TARDIS' or are rolled, the player ends their turn and scores 0 for the round.  If a player rolls 3 EXTERMINATES, they will not roll anymore, and double their score on counted humans.  If a player would not be able to roll next turn, they will still score 5 points.  If there would be dice they could roll, they cannot score.

SCORING:  If a player manages to get more Daleks then Humans, the player counts up the collected amounts of humans and scores that many points.  A player may also score 5 bonus points if they would not be able to roll any longer.  If a player rolls more Humans than Daleks, they score 0 points.

WINNING:  The first player who hits 60 points at the end of their round wins.

CONCLUSION:  This feels like a Steve Jackson dice game.  Simple, easy, and to the point.  As long as you can count and roll, you can play.  Obviously, this is going to drive off people who dislike games of chance.  However, this is a light in-between game for other games or during your Doctor Who watch party.  For non-fans, I would consider sticking with Zombie Dice.

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