Friday, April 1, 2016

Sweet on Life (Candy Land)

Frolicking thorough the land of gumdrops and sweetness, you can't help but feel a little off.  Everything just feels too sweet, too pure.  The mere thought of how you got here causes a headache unlike you've ever had before.  Everything, EVERYTHING, seems to be made of sugar here.  It's too much, too quick.  You feel sick to your stomach.  You check your gold plated, gem encrusted watch.  You finally figured it out.  April 1st, the day of the knaves, trolls, and jokesters.  You came to Candy Land, because it was April Fools.

GAME DESCRIPTION:  Candy Land is a game made by Hasbro in the 1940's.  On average, it sells about 1 millions a year.  It is targeted to a younger audience, making it appealing for parents to purchase to get the rugrats out of their hair.  The only way to win is to get to the goal before anyone else does

PLAYING: Each player is represented in game by a "Gingerbread" pawn.  Each turn, a player draws a card, and moves according to the picture:
  • 1 Color Block: Move forward to the corresponding color block
  • 2 Color Blocks: Move forward or backward to the corresponding color block
  • Picture Card: Move forward or backwards to the pink spot that matches the picture drawn.
That player then discards their card. Play then passes to the next player.

CONCLUSION: As you may have noticed, this is an April Fools joke.  That being said, this game is for the teeniest tiniest of babies

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