Wednesday, March 30, 2016

One of us, one of us (C'thulhu Dice)

You slip the comfy robe over you, and tie it tight.  You light the candles at the shrine, and give your offering to the great C'thulhu.  Tonight, you ask for his favour and aid to prepare for his coming.  But he is a fickle Eldritch, and you know that his 'aid' may only cause you to lose your mind.  You took that risk when you became a follower.  You know when it comes to C'thulhu, you might as well...roll a dice.

GAME DESCRIPTION: Cthulhu Dice was created by Steve Jackson Games.  Out of the bag, it can only support up to 6 people, but it's designed to hold as many as are willing and able to play.  The object is to not go insane, which is made difficult due to the C'thulhu die rolled each turn.

C'THULHU: C'thulhu is also a player in this game, represented by a pot in the middle.  Each turn, one player chooses any other Non-Cthulhu player, then rolls the dice and applies the appropriate effect:
  • Yellow Sign: Looks like a question mark with two extra symbols.  The player chosen loses 1 sanity to C'thulhu
  • Tentacle: The roller takes 1 sanity from the chosen player.  If the roller is currently at 0 sanity, then the sanity goes to C'thulhu
  • Elder Sign: The roller gains 1 sanity from C'thulhu.  If C'thulhu is a 0 sanity, nothing happens.
  • C'thulhu: Every player loses 1 sanity to C'thulhu
  • Eye:  Shaped like an Egyptian eye symbol, it is the wildcard roll.  The roller applies any other effect mentioned above.
The targeted player than "responds" by rolling the die. Play then continues on to the next person to the left from the roller.
SANITY: Every player starts with 3 sanity tokens.  Sanity tokens are what allow you to potentially win.  If you end up losing all 3 tokens, you go insane.  You will still roll when it's your turn.  Your opponent cannot respond to your rolls, however.  The only way to gain sanity back is if you roll the Elder Sign.  If only one player has sanity, they win.  If all players lose their sanity, C'thulhu wins.

CONCLUSION: A simple, quick party game.  The option of adding as many players as you want really helps the game.  It's pretty fun to pull this out as the night is winding down, and you've only got a few minutes to play.  The only real weakness this game has is it's almost entirely luck based, and it's simple.  If you want something quick, this is great.  If you're looking for something to just relax with and talk with your friends, this is definitely the game to do that.  You're just not going to find anything with real substance or skill here

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