Thursday, March 10, 2016

Mmm, brains (Zombie Dice)

Shambling through the forest, you hear a faint noise. You fall into a clearing and see them.  Two humans, both with tasty brains.  You haven't eaten in quite some time, and the shot you took awhile back is certainly slowing you down.  But you're hungry, and you need to take the risk.  You choose to shamble to them.  You manage to get both people's brains, but not without taking a shot in your shoulder.  But that's the risk you take when you're a zombie.  Now, you have to take the chance, and roll the Zombie Dice.

GAME DESCRIPTION:  Zombie Dice is a *ahem* dice game created by Steve Jackson Games.  You take the roll of a zombie during the zombie uprising.

PLAY:  Each turn, you take 3 dice at random, and roll an encounter to determine the outcome of that turn.  You can then choose to keep progressing and roll 3 more randomly selected dice, or you can pass to the next player.  The main objective of the game is to just keep eating brains from people without dying, until you become full.

DICE EFFECTS:  Each die has a different group of colored symbols on them.  The colors determine the difficulty of the roll, with green being the easiest, yellow the next difficulty, and red being the most difficult.  The shape of each die determines the effect of the encounter
  • Brain:  "Yummy." Each time this is rolled, the die goes off to the side.  If you pass, the total number of brains rolled increases your score permanently.
  • Shotgun: "Ouch." These also go off to the side.  If you get a total of three shotguns, your turn ends, and you gain 0 brains this turn.  
  • Footprints: "Almost."  Any footprints you roll this turn are re-rolled, decreasing the amount of dice you draw for this encounter.

WINNING:  The first player who collects 13 or more brains puts the game into the final round.  At this point, every other player gets one more turn to attempt to out-roll that player.  The winner is then declared after the last player ends their turn.  In the case of a tie, the players that tied each play one additional round.

CONCLUSION:  This is a nice little game to play after a high-stress event.  With little decision making involved, it's a nice game to with which to shoot the breeze.  It also makes for a simple ice-breaking game.  Of course, as with all of Steve Jackson's games, there is definitely some room for interpretation and house-ruling.  The expansions are also a lot of fun, such as including new effects, new ways to keep playing, and getting brains from Santa (if you don't end up eating his brain).  I do love this game, and recommend it for small parties and at the end of game nights.

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