Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How would you survive? (Worst Case Scenario Survival Game)

The gas pedal of your car goes out.  Do you know how to avoid careening into certain death?  What if you become lost in the jungle and get bit by a snake?  Do you think you could escape being attacked by killer bees, or fend off an attack by a shark?  It could be anything here, even knowing the proper way of gouging someone's eyes out, or taking a hit.  All is fair play in the Worst Case Scenario Survival Game.

GAME DESCRIPTION: The Worst-Case Scenario game was published in 2002 by University Games.  The goal is for one player or team to guess the most survival questions correctly and make it to the end of the board.  

WORST CASE CARDS: Each turn, a team rolls the 6 sided die.  Another team then reads the 'how to' at the top of the card, and the three choices on the card, with the right answer in bold.  If the team guesses correctly, they move spaces according to the number rolled.  If they guess incorrectly, they are not allowed to move that turn.  In either instance, play passes to the next player.

CONCLUSION: This was not one of the more enjoyable games I've ever played.  Behind the neat little gimmick of being put in weird survival cases, it's a trivia game.  It's not even an interesting one, with multiple choice being the only way to guess.  If there would've been something that had made this game more than a super generic, gimmicky trivia game, I might have had more fun with it.  If you just want a pure trivia game that can incorporate a large group, this one might be okay, but you're better off with something like Cranium.  If you like the concept, go nuts, but you're better off passing on this one.

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