Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's How You Say It (Moods)

I'm gonna give you a phrase, let's say..."May the force be with you."  Can you say it sarcastically?  How about sadly?  Now, can you say it Angrily?  How many other Moods can you say this phrase?

GAME DESCRIPTION:  Moods is a game developed by Hasbro for 3 to 8 players.  1 player attempts to read a line a certain way, while other players have to guess the specific way in which they spoke the line.

SET-UP:  Each player takes 1 colored Mood stone as their player token, and a set of 4 corresponding color Voting chips.  Then, take 10 Mood cards and place them on the board in the empty slots numbered from 0 to 9,  The remaining Mood cards, and the Phrase cards are next to the board in easy access of all players.

GAMEPLAY:  The first player rolls the 10 sided die in the die cup, hidden from the other players.  Then, they draw a Phrase card, and say it in the tone or style that matches the card next to the number rolled (e.g., if the player rolled a 4, and "aloof" was next to number 4, they say the phrase drawn in an aloof manner).

VOTING:  Each player takes 1 of their 4 vote tokens, and places it next to the Mood they think the player was going for.  If any player guesses right, then they move an amount of spaces equal to the number on the token, and the player who read the clue moves equal to the number of chips on the correct card.  Play then passes to the next player.

WINNING:  Once a player votes with any token, they cannot use that numbered token until they have used all 4 of their tokens.  The player or players that makes it into the Finish zone first win.

CONCLUSION:  This is the kind of game that people who like Imaginiff would like.  It's a game that requires a bit of a vocabulary (or smartphone), and a little bit of theatrical enjoyment.  It's not full on Quelf levels of looking ridiculous, but there is a little bit of that over-the-top performance that is required to fully enjoy this game.  If you like acting a bit silly, a bit hammy, then Moods is going to be a lot of fun for you.

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