Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Can You Make it Fit? (In a Pickle)

The solar system.  It is beautiful, the planet's are perfectly in sync, orbiting the sun.  Home to all humans, large and small.  It is massive, holding our planet and everything in it.  Ah, but a model of the solar system could fit in a box.  Then a box could fit in a car.  And a car could be in a Pickle.

GAME DESCRIPTION:  In a Pickle was published by Gamewright in 2004.  It is a card game where players attempt to justify their plays that this thing can fit inside the previous thing.

SET-UP:  Each player is dealt 5 cards.  Then, 4 additional cards are placed to make a plus sign, with the arrows pointing out. Each card should be about a hand span away from the card opposite of its location.

SCALING:  Each turn, a player places 1 card either behind or on top of any card or pile, if the card played is smaller or larger, respectively.  You cannot ever play in between cards.  Then, at the end of each turn, draw back up to 5 cards.

CHALLENGES:  If a player wishes to challenge that a thing cannot fit in the other thing, then the player being challenged must first be allowed to defend their choice, free of criticism or discussion from the other players.  Then, each player votes Thumbs up or down.  If more thumbs up occur, then it passes, and play continues as normal.  If more vote down, then the card is discarded, and play continues to the left.

PICKLE ROUND:  Once a set of 4 cards have been played, a Pickle Round occurs.  You can only play on that pile of 4 during the Pickle Round.  You must also play on top of the pile, making it "larger" or fitting in the previous thing.  Once everyone has played, the Pickle Round ends

WINNING:  You win the Pickle Round if you are the player who has the largest card down.  Take the cards, deal a new card in the slot, and everyone draws back up to 5 cards.  The first player to obtain a set number of piles wins the whole game.

CONCLUSION:  This is a game that's great if you like wordplay, and more casual games.  Now, the rules are meant for younger players, but just a slight tweak or two makes it an enjoyable experience for all ages, such as continuing the Pickle Round more than one go through. You may want to be careful you play with less competitive players to allow for more wacky hi jinks, and more like minder people to avoid unnecessary conflicts with non-plays.  But if you can find those people, or your family likes word games, this is one that you could enjoy.

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