Wednesday, February 17, 2016

This game is just so pretty! (Dixit)

Upon entering, your mind is overwhelmed with thoughts, dreams, ideas.  You step closer to one of these paintings.  A boy is perched on a ladder, painting the sky with clouds shaped like birds.  The next one, a field of umbrellas below, a clear sky with the sun on top.  Two ants are fighting on a stack of flat yellow circles.  Are those pancakes or coins?  Why are they fighting?  But these aren't  the real question.  What do you think it is, and how do you express it?  This, my friends, is Dixit.

GAME DESCRIPTION: Dixit is a 3-6 player game about art, interpretation, and knowing your opponent. Each player has a set of cards, each based in or on Surrealism.  One player is the storyteller, and places one of these cards from their hand face down.  That players then says some word, phrase, reference, or makes some noise that informs the other players of the card they played.  Then, each other player places one of their cards face-down that, as closely as possible, matches the description of the card played.

VOTING: Once all the cards are gathered and shuffled by the storyteller, they are put out in a row, face-up.  Every player then votes for one of the cards they think the storyteller placed.  Once all votes are in, each player that guessed correctly moves their bunny token forward two spaces, and the storyteller moves the amount of spaces equal to the number of votes.  Everyone else then moves equal to the amount of votes for their card.  If nobody votes for the storytellers card, or every player does, then every player will move forward 2 spaces, except for the storyteller.  The winner is whoever is in the lead by the time any player cannot draw back up to six cards

CONCLUSION:  I love this game.  I mean LOVE this game.  It allows for a lot of interaction with everyone.  The card art is some of the best I've ever seen in my life.  The gameplay is fluid, solid, and fun.  The storytelling aspect is probably the best part, with really weird plays going on (one of my friends made a noise that I can only say the Dodo's must've once made).
It's a little difficult to win if you're playing with a group that knows each other well, or has played this a lot.  It's a great game for ice-breaking, as it lets people know what kind of a person you are, and what everyone else is.  It is just so good, and with a bunch of expansion packs and limitless story telling, it's just a ton of fun,

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