Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Taking Authority...IN SPACE (Star Realms)

It's kinda big, but you wouldn't know that with how limited we can travel.  The Trade Federation continues to grow and prosper, but not without its problems.  The Star Empire and Machine Cult continues to garnish support against the TF, and the Blobs assault us at every turn.  Where is the brave hero who can help us in these Star Realms?

Really, that's my line?

BACKGROUND:  Star Realms is a deck builder for 2 players and published by White Wizard Games.  Players buy cards that represent ships and bases, and attack their opponent.

GAMEPLAY:  The bottom number in yellow on certain cards represent "Trade", which can be used to buy cards from the middle Trade row, the prices being located at the top right.  Numbers in red represent Attack, and can be used to reduce your opponents Authority and .  Numbers in green shield increase your Authority.  At the end of the turn, each player discards any remaining cards in hand and all non base cards, and draw 5 new cards.

ABILITY:  Bases remain on the board in front of the player, giving their ability at the start of the turn.  A card with an ally symbol in the ability box may allow a player to use that effect.  Some cards will give additional abilities if 2 more cards of the same Faction is played in a turn, located in the top left.  Players may also Scrap, or remove from the game, cards with a trash can on them to gain a once per game ability.

WINNING:  When a players Authority reaches 0, the opposing player wins.  A player must also destroy any bases with a black shield by meeting or beating the number in the bottom left in one turn.

CONCLUSION:  Star Realms is another easy to learn, but hard to master game.  It contains a lot of strategy and long term thought.  One issue I do have is that because it's initially limited to 2 players, this is a game you'd play with some in place of Chess.  It's not a bad alternative either.  In terms of mechanics, this game is a bit different than most Deck builders, as instead of trying to score the most points, you have a base life total that you try to avoid losing.  It's a cool idea that has a lot of love and support behind it, with an expansion that can make it 4 players, and a pretty solid digital version on Steam.  This is a flight to the stars you should check out.

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