Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Chiming the Upcoming 365 Days (Buzzword)

Happy 2018 all, and welcome to a new year, full of new experiences and attempts to make this blog expand and grow to help people make great game choices.  This year will start with a slight revamp of the format, and an attempt to upload more consistently.  This week's review will start simply with an easy party game called Buzzwords.

BACKGROUND:  Buzzwords is a party game published by Patch Products for 4-12 players.  Players guess words or phrases bases on clues given.

GAMEPLAY:  Players are split into 2 teams.  During their teams turn, a player will take a card, and read off the category at the top.  Then, the opposing team will flip the timer while the guessing team reads off the 1st clue on the left.  The rest of the team will attempt to guess the correct answer located on the right.  If they guess correctly, the reader gives the next clue.  If the team is stuck, they may pass and the reader gives the next clue.

STEALING:  The team continues to guess until either all 10 clues have been either guessed or passed, or time runs out.  If a team passes on any clues, the opposing team has a chance to steal those points and guess on those clues.  The team may also guess on the last clue given if it was read but not answered when the timer ran out.  The opposing team then takes their turn.

WINNING:  While a team is guessing, the other team passes the scoring cards in order to keep track of points, starting at 1.  Players may keep track of points on the white board.  The first team to guess 50 words correctly over the rounds wins.

CONCLUSION:  Buzzwords is a simple game with simple mechanics and a weird, difficult way of thinking.  Depending on the edition, some of the clues might be impossible just because of some of the popular culture references you'd need to know.  It can fill in some time in between more mechanically deep games, and there's some fun clues given, but this is a game mainly for people who enjoy wordplay.

AFTERTHOUGHTS:  Hey, if you like or dislike the new format, feel free to leave a comment below, as well as any other games you'd like me to review or even be aware of.  Thanks, and here's to a great new year!

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