Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Just Plain Weird (We Didn't Playtest This At All)

I didn't edit this section at all.  My typing has consiberaly slowed down, and the mistatkes are there for all to see.  I chose this game, I chose this life.  This is my decision, and my pants.  Why my pants, dunno, I' didn't edit this in my brain at all.  You get the joke yet?  N~Yes, okay, Here's:
We Didn't Playtest This At All!

GAME DESCRIPTION: We Didn't Playtest This At All is a card game published by Asmadi Games for 2-10 players.  The goal is simple:  Don't lose.

SET-UP:  Each player is dealt a hand of 2 cards.  Choose the starting player at random.

GAMEPLAY:  That player draws a card, plays a card from their hand, follows the instructions, and passes the turn to the next player.  Cards may consist of playing a round of Ro-Sham-Bo (Rock, Paper, Scissors) or Chopsticks to eliminate a player, getting points, or any other weird combination.

WINNING:  The player who was not eliminated by a card wins.  It is possible for there to be no winner with 2 or more players losing simultaneously.

CONCLUSION:  This is probably the shortest summation I'll do for a game.  WDPTAA is a wacky game, and that's okay.  The "joke", or point of this game is the absolutely ridiculousness games like Fluxx or Joking Hazard bring to the table turned up to eleven.  I have found that most games don't last more than 20 minutes, or 4 rounds, which is perfect for this kind of game.  I have seen players not be able to initially play just because of dumb luck.  I've also seen the laughs and jokes this game produces.  WDPTAA won't appeal to "Hardcore" gamers, or people wanting something with a bit more strategy, but it does have that stupid humor that makes it work.

AFTERTHOUGHTS:  Thanks again to Steve and Shannon Johnson at Noggin Games in Cedar City, Utah for showing me this game, and Trevor Forsyth and Liz Stephens for playing it with me.

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