Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Mine is Brand New (What's Yours Like?)

Happy 2017 everyone, and welcome to a brand new year of gaming, both wonderous and not.  This year, we're starting off the whole shebang by asking 1 simple question: What's yours like?  Is it wet? is it huge?  Is it filled with pirahnas?  Then it might be the Amazon river...

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GAME DESCRIPTION:  What's Yours Like is a social party game for 4 or more players where all players attempt to guess a word given with vague, but clever clues given that describe the word.

SET-UP:  Each turn, 1 player is in the "Hot Seat".  The player left of the one in the Hot Seat takes a card with a word, places it in the Concealing Folder, and passes it until every player except the one in the Hot Seat has seen the word.

ANSWERS:  The player in the Hot Seat then asks "What's Yours Like?" to the next player on their left.  They respond by giving a clue. E.g. if the word is Ice Cream, one might say "Mine is synonymous with Summer."  Then, the player in the Hot Seat guesses.  If they get it right, they get 1 point, and the next player on the left is now in the Hot Seat.  If they get it wrong, the next player who read the card is asked "What's Yours Like?" and answers.  One round consists of having all players be in the Hot Seat.

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CHALLENGE:  If the player in the Hot Seat is given a Challenge Card, they may play against another player.  This time, the player in the Hot Seat, as well as the Challenged player don't read the clue.  Each player is given a chance to answer.  The first player to give the correct answer subtracts 2 points from their total, and play continues to the next player as previously noted.  If the next player also draws a Challenge card, it is discarded.  You can never play 2 Challenges in a row.

WINNING:  The player who has the least amount of points after a predetermined number of rounds is the winner.  Any ties can be resolved by having the tied players attempting to guess one final word as a Challenge.

CONCLUSION:  This is an enjoyable game, but only with a small select group of those who enjoy wordplay.  The biggest problem is that this is hindered by its attempt to break into this market of innuendous, if not outright dirty games that have come out recently.  The idea for the game is neat, but I feel it's marketed to the wrong audience.  This is a game meant for small parties of older audiences, who appreciate clever games and wordplay.  It's not the same style of game as Cards Against Humanity or Never Have I Ever, or any other NSFW game.  These games are usually played by college students and people who find base "adult humor" funny.  This requires a little more creative thinking, a little more...finesse than these kind of games typically enjoy.

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