Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Anyone for Furry Smoothies? (Kittens in a Blender)

October marks the start of Theme Month, where each review will revolve around a single theme or concept.  This year, the theme is "animals".  The month will begin with a nice glass of blood, fur, and cat spirits, as we blend up our first game: Kittens in a Blender.  Just, watch out for any dogs wandering in.

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GAME DESCRIPTION:  Kittens is a Card Game designed by the Brothers Knudson for 2 to 4 players.  The object is to amass a furry pile of cats in the Box, while killing off your opponents with the Blender.

SET-UP:  The over-sized Blender card is placed face-up in the box top, and set in the middle of the table.   The base of the box is placed next to it.  These will be the Blender and the Box, respectively.  The space in between is the Counter. Each player then selects of a color, designated by the background of the Cat cards.  Then, each player is dealt 6 cards.

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PLAYING:  Turns consist of playing 2 cards, applying their effects, and drawing back up to 6 cards. If the deck ever runs out, play continues without drawing:

  • Kittens:  A kitten may be played in the Box, the Blender, or on the Counter.
  • Blend!:  When this is played, all Kittens in the Blender are removed for the game, all Kittens in the Box are saved, and all Kittens on the Counter are moved to the Blender.  Saved Kittens count towards your total point value at the end.
  • Blend Pulse:  Similar to Blend, with the addition of cancelling a Blend card.  Blend and Blend Pulse cards stay in front of you.
  • Kittens on the Move:  Move a specified amount of Kittens the specified amount of spaces (if it says 1 space, you can move the Kittens from the Box or the Blender to the Counter, or vice versa, but you cannot move the Kittens from the Box to the Blender, as that is considered 2 spaces.)
  • Dogs in the Kitchen:  Every players hand is rotated to the appropriate player.
  • Kittens in the Blender/Box/Counter:  All Kittens move to the place the card specifies.
  • These Cats in the Blender:  Move all Kittens of a specified color to the Blender.

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SCORING:  The game ends when all 16 Blend and Blend Pulse cards have been played.  All saved Kittens are worth 2 points, and Blended Kittens are worth -1.  In the case of a tie, a winner is decided by whomever has the most Blend and Blend Pulse cards in front of them.

CONCLUSION:  Kittens in a Blender sounds like one of those twisted games that can't help but get a laugh from how messed up the concept is.  Yet, the game plays simply, fairly quickly, and gets a laugh in a good way.  The art is so cute and appealing, and really gets what it was going for.  This game does require you to be okay with having vast amounts of luck and RNG be against and with you.  The games time requirements makes it easy to play multiple rounds if you just keep losing.  Kittens in a Blender can make for a great, silly time with some close friends.

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