Wednesday, September 14, 2016

This is the 90's, fo' Shizzle (Quelf)

It's 8:00 on a Saturday evening.  You're chilling with your friends, shooting the breeze.  Then, out of nowhere, someone suggests that they play a game.  You pounce on the opportunity to  Everyone looks over at you.  They know that the night is going to be filled with awkward moments, neverending lists, and great memories.  Welcome to Quelf.

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GAME DESCRIPTION:  Quelf is a board game designed for 3-8 players.  The object is to be the first to finish and succeed in various tasks, and get to the center of the board first.

SET-UP:  Each player takes 1 character token, ranging from a bean pole farmer to a platypus.  Each turn, 1 players rolls the die, and moves that many spaces.

CARDS:  The player who rolled draws the same colored card as the space they landed on, and follows the rules accordingly:

  • Blue (Roolz):  If you draw a Global Roolz, all players must follow that rule, or pay the penatly by moving back that many spaces (located in the top right).  Action Roolz and Talking Roolz affect that player, and if they are caught breaking that rule, they must pay the penalty.  Note that all Roolz card are permenant until replaced by a new card.
  • Green (Quizzle):  These are generally Trivia questions, asked by another player.  Some cards feature an Extra Credit question which allows the player to move additional spaces (but they will not draw another card until they roll again.)
  • Blue/Yellow (Stuntz/Showbiz):  These are more physical activities.  Some cards may have you not say anything, or "Tell the Other Player to Guess", which the other players must guess the underlined word.  If you are unable to perform that card, or cannot safely do it, you can always redraw.
  • Red (Scatterbrainz):  The player chooses a topic, and players must go around the group, each submitting an answer until either a player uses more that 10 seconds to guess, repeats an answer, or gives an incorrect answer.  That player pays the penalty (top right), and play continues.
FINAL CATEGORY:  If a player lands in the center, then a Scatterbrainz card is drawn and played, but the player who landed in the center must now give 2 answers each turn instead of 1.  If they fail, they take the penalty, but if another player fails, then the game is over, and the player in the center wins.

CONCLUSION:  You want a crazy game?  Here you go.  Quelf is designed to be loud, rowdy, and high energy.  It takes cues from games like Curses, and makes them their own.  It can be a lot of fun to play, but also exhausting.  This is one of those games I'd recommend to a group of High School and College students, but not to a group who's more interested in strategy games.  Also, never play with a group of gaming nerds.  When "Titles of Video Games" is chosen in Scatterbrainz, the round will Never. Ever. End.

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